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Les Deux Magots (in Paris, France) was one of the places where French existentialists met each other and here in a globally large Café, we try to initiate a new meeting with those who are interested in existentialism and existential psychology. You can also our Twitter page for latest and microblogged information.

Both existentialism and existential psychology are alive today but our point of view should not be considered as trend-seeking. In other words, we do not believe either Theory A or Theory B  because one of them is fashionable but rather try to understand the world around and in us. Therefore, our main aim is to understand or try to re-understand the theoretical foundations of existentialism and then apply this information to understand the main topic of scientific adventure: why do people behave as they do?

This is the front page of the Existential Café. For articles on existentialism and existential psychology, you should visit our Blog Page and for news and related information follow us on Twitter.

Hope to enjoy your stay.

Dogan Kokdemir, Ph.D

dogan [AT] kokdemir[.]info


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