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The best word that explains the Existential Cafe must be “freedom”. In this “free” Cafe, there are and will be many contributors. Here are the contributors (in order of participation date):

Dogan Kokdemir, Ph.D
– Beauty Spots of the Mere Existence

Elif Öykü Us, MA Cand.
Tea Before the Train Hits
– Demons to Rescue: When the Fear Itself Becomes a Weapon for Survival
– Just Before the Dawn

E. Sercan Akhanli, MA Cand.
Stuck in a Portrait
The Dark Side of Being-in-Somewhere-Else
– Chess and Nakedness

Dicle Rojda Tasman, MA Cand.
The Uncanny Phenomenon
– To Be Me

Utku Baserdem, MA Cand.
– “I or Me” Seeks
Long Live Heavy Metal
– The Minute

Yağmur Temiz, BA Cand.
Lemon Hints and Dear “Sushi”

Gurur Yildiz, MA Cand.
– Voyager
– Adam of Arda: L’Étranger
Escape from Universe 25: Mars One
Children of Anarchy: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Esin Kircali, MA Cand.

Selda Koydemir
– The Misguided Quest for Happiness

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