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Stuck in a Portrait by E. Sercan Akhanli
People are bad. There are a good people too. There is an interesting connection between dark and white. It will not be bad if it is not good, it will not be good if it is not bad. I am little sad. Coward! I try to change it. Failure! Boring, boring, and boring… Come to home, rest, eat, sleep. Get up! I have to do things to do. There is something to say. I could not speak. The people who I lost, the people who I gained. Do you get it? Life is tired, I am desperate. Cars are moving fast, time is passing. I do not move. I am getting old. The time follows me. Suicide. A remote possibility. But I thought. Not serious. But deep and deepto access the full article click here.

The Misguided Quest for Happiness by Selda Koydemir
Human living is a Sisyphean task, Camus (1975) wrote and explained the resemblance of our lives with that of the mythological king Sisyphus who was given, by the Gods, the eternal punishment of rolling a large stone up a hill. Every time Sisyphus reaches the top, the stone rolls back down; it becomes a never-ending, repetitive task. This Sisyphean task became synonymous with what people have to do every day – senseless work. For Camus, rolling the stone up the hill and seeing it come down again is actually what challenges us, it’s what helps us grow and flourish. Sisyphus has nothing but to accept the absurdity to overcome it. It’s not definitely a comfortable state, or a state full of pleasure, but a state which teaches us how to live fully. It shows that a good life is possible even with the struggles as long as one has the inner strength used against the absurd. In The Myth of Sisyphus, Camus says, “There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night”; but concludes on an optimistic note: “One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” … to access the full article click here.

Just Before the Dawn by Öykü Us
It hurts. How it hurts, depends on the experience. Experiencing life, however, is only possible with pain. Without that pain, life is not real. Without it, life has no meaning, and even if it has a “meaning”, it is not truly connected to you. Everything in life begins and ends with suffering. When I laugh, my stomach tightens and I struggle to breathe, thus I stop laughing. Better yet, I sometimes choose to continue, and similar to an orgasm, the pain reaches to an unbearable height until finally, it blossoms into a flower of unfathomable colors. … to access the full article click here.

Lemons Hints and Dear “Sushi” by Yagmur Temiz
Even if twenty years of the lifetime does not mean a precious longitude, the mind, my mind, has never rejected that everything happening around would perfectly influence all the steps that are going to be taken. When a moment passes, the experience becomes a knowledge which might become an effect that will guide the existence. Which are all totally unimaginable facts with snatchy entities and the continuity of rebuilding themselves with the newly added pieces between two consecutive checkpoints? This cycle of entity is probably one of the bare truths about our existence and probably valid for the rest of the living creatures; you may name it as learning, conditioning, impulse, knowledge or even with faith in the form of any religion. In this concept, unless it is possible to say the effect of lemons the relation is not adequate. … to access the full article click here.

Children of Anarchy: Gotta Catch ‘Em All by Gurur Yildiz
Modern science says about gameplay as a way to learn to control our attention – which is also one of the primary aims of Buddhist philosophy, but Buddha believed that games are waste of time because you need to be focused on your way of knowing all time. The way of knowing. Is there any certain way to acquire true knowledge? Can we reach it with a lifetime experience or through another people? Can Buddha decide what I have to focus on?  Can we reach the true knowledge only with questioning?… How can I collect the naked knowledge which is not affected by any kind of externals?By logical thinking? … to access the full article click here.